sitopaladi churna health benefits
Sitopaladi Churna

sitopaladi churna health benefits

Sitopaladi churna is a classical formulation of different herbs. The Churna is prescribed to the patients for the treatment of cough, cold, asthma, chronic fevers, pitta related disorders, sore throat, tuberculosis & respiratory infections. Sitopaladi Churna mainly helps to improve the respiratory functions of the body. This article tells you about Sitopaladi churna Health benefits, uses, material & ingredients, preparation, dosage &

Sitopaladi Churna Health Benefits

  • It mainly helps to treat cough, dyspnea, asthma.
  • Sitopaladi churna also helps in treating infectious diseases like respiratory Tuberculosis.
  • Act as a good remedy for people with low digestive power.
  • It can be used in pitta related disorders.
  • Sitopaladi churna contains antihistamine properties and helps in fighting allergic problems like running nose, tears from eyes & irritation in the throat.
  • Sometimes imbalance of pitta can cause burning sensation or syndrome. Sitopaladi churna can provide relief from burning sensation.

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Material & Ingredients

Misri (sugar)16 parts
Vanshlochan8 parts
Long pepper (pippali)4 parts
Ela (Elaichi)2 parts
Cinnamon (dalchini)1 part


Vanshlochan is also known as tabasheer or bamboo silica. It is a type of herbal silica, contain almost 80% SiO2 

Long pepper 

Long pepper (Piper longum) belongs to the Piperaceae family. It is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines. Long pepper also has been reported as a good remedy for treating respiratory infections & respiratory tuberculosis.Piperine is the main ingredient.

Elaichi (Cardamom)

Cardamom belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. It contains volatile oils with various aromatic compounds. Cardamom may help in reducing inflammation, Digestive problems, antibacterial effects. Cardamom can also be used as a mouth freshener.


  • Make fine powder of every herb, according to quantity
  • Mix it well
  • Store it in airtight container


Half spoon of Sitopaladi churna (2 to 4 grams) before meal or after meal. Always take this churna with honey or ghee. Half spoon of churna with half spoon of honey.

Side effects

Usually it has no side effects, but sometimes cause inflammation in the stomach lining. If taken before meal.

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