Drumstick Leaves Nutritional Benefits

Drumstick Leaves Nutritional Benefits

Drumstick (Moringa Oleifera) belongs to family Moringaceae. The other name for moringa are Shigru, Horseradish tree, Drumstick plant, Kelor. The moringa tree is cultivated in some states of India like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka & found all over India. This article tells you about the Drumstick Leaves Nutritional Benefits, Chemical composition, product development, Medicinal properties, Medicinal uses of leaves, roots & seeds to keep you healthy.


Moringa tree also famous as the Miracle Tree, as it contains high medicinal values & good benefits even in chronic diseases.

Moringa is a most vital tree & used from ancient times for the treatment like skin infection, blood impurities, bronchitis & cholera.

It is widely used because of its features & properties & acts as a good medicine alternative at a low cost. Moringa oil was also used in the skin ointments.

The tree is consumed for a very long time, as almost all parts of the tree are edible. Moringa tree contains various properties like – Anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-pyretic, anti-diabetic & hepatoprotective.

While collecting material, it is ensured that all the parts are disease-free & fresh.

Chemical composition

  • Moringine
  • Pterygospermin (antibiotic)

Products developement

There are some products developed using moringa leaves.

Nutritional values in moringa leaves – Very effective natural Anti-oxidant, rich in vitamin-c, calcium, beta-carotene, potassium & protein.

Medicinal properties

  • Anti-ulcer
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Antimicrobial effects
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-hyperglycemic
  • Antitumor
  • Anticancer
  • Anticlastogenic

Moringa Oleifera have various & wide range of medicinal properties. Moringa have capabilities & can be used as a ingredient in the medicinal products.

Drumstick Leaves Nutritional Benefits

100 grams of dry moringa leaves contain – 10 times of vitamin A of carrot + 12 times of vitamin c of oranges + 17 times the calcium of milk + 15 times the potassium of banana + 25 times the iron spinach + 9 times the protein of yogurt.

Drumstick Leaves Nutritional Benefits

Mainly, it helps to boost the immune system & having protein, fibers, minerals, vitamins & various phytochemicals, it helps in treat skin diseases, ear infections, bronchitis, heartburn, blood pressure & also act as anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-microbial.

Benefits of Drumstick
Shigru leaves

Leaves contain 25-30 grams of protein & 0.1-10.5 grams of carbohydrates.

Medicinal uses of seeds

Mainly, it contains anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties. It also helps in treating STDs, hyperthyroidism, anti-herpes, gout & chronic diseases.

Seeds contain 29-38 grams of protein & 30-41 grams carbohydrate.

Seed contain 37 percent pure and colourless oil. This oil is also known as Ben oil. Ben oil is used from the very long time because of its benefits.

Ben oil used as a cosmetic ingredient from very ancient times. It is also used as fuel, as it burn without smoke.

Medicinal uses of roots

It is a cardiac stimulant & anti-ulcer. contains anti-inflammatory & anti-ulcer properties. Roots also contain some alkaloids substances like morphine & minerals like magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), sodium (Na).

Moringa contains a high amount of nutrients per gram as compared to other plants.

In the modern era, this plant is also promoted as a good source or primary source of digestible protein, vitamins & calcium & act as a good medicine for undernourishment.

Moringa is used for nourishing children & improve the immune system.
According to Ayurveda, the consumption of moringa can prevent up to 300 diseases.

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