Ayurveda Strategy on Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19)

The novel coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) a unique & unprecedented pandemic in several aspects and has challenged the health care systems across the globe. As there is no medicine for Corona (COVID-19) as of now.

The Coronavirus disease caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV- 2). The disease has spread globally with more than 6.9 million confirmed cases & 400,206 deaths as of June 7, 2020.

As of now, there is no system of medicine that has any evidence-based treatment for Coronavirus disease 19. For that reason, the pragmatic Ayurveda strategy on coronavirus disease proposed here for the Ayurveda system of medicine.

Understanding Ayurveda in Epidemic

Ayurveda is an ancient science & needs to achieve its full potential in India & globally. In this context, Ayurveda clearly states two main objectives: 1) To maintain health of a healthy person & 2) To cure the sick.

In the classical text of Ayurveda, it describes epidemic management & defines immunity as a primary ability to prevent disease & able to arrest its progress. 

Ayurveda helps you to strengthen your immune system to fight against infections, bacteria & certain viruses. 

The Ministry of AYUSH recommends the self care guidelines for the preventive healthcare measures & boosting immunity with special reference to respiratory health. Must follow guidelines in this pandemic.

Measures for enhancing immunity

Drink Warm Water Throughout the Day – Drinking warm water can provide you with an additional range of health. It also helps you to fight against cold & enhance sinus health.

Daily Practice of Yoga, meditation & pranayama – According to the Ayurveda practicing yoga daily could be the most effective way for increasing immunity. Meditation & pranayama could be most effective to relax your mind & helps you to improve your overall health & well-being.

Spices Should Be Used in Cooking –

Haldi (turmeric) Curcuma longa
Jeera (cumin)Cuminum cyminum
Dhaniya (Coriander)Coriandrum sativum
Lahsun (Garlic)    Allium sativum

Ayurvedic Measures for Boosting Immunity

Chyawanprash – Consume 1 tablespoon (10gm) of Chyawanprash daily in the morning. It is a paste (kalka) made up of natural herbs that are known to have good pharmacological properties & most effective in making your body healthy.

Chyawanprash contains all necessary natural ingredients to make your immune system healthy.   

Drink Herbal Tea – Herbal tea also works on the immune system it can provide you multiple benefits in providing defense to cold & cough. It also makes you feel better by providing relief from stress.  

Herbal Tea also contains amla, neem leaves, guduchi, shankhpushpi, nettle leaves etc.

Ayush Kadha – Ayush Kadha is made with different natural herbs that help to improve your immunity & automatically your body is capable enough to fight against any viruses, bacteria & micro-organisms.

Ayush Kadha is made from Tulsi (Basil), Dalchini (Cinnamon), Shunthi (ginger), Kalimirch (Black pepper) & Munakka (Raisin).

It is also recommended to consume it twice a day, in the morning before breakfast & in evening after dinner or before going to bed at night. For your taste you can add fresh lemon accordingly.

Golden Milk – It is a traditional drink & People make it with Turmeric which gives it a yellow or golden colour.

Consuming this drink daily can provide you multiple benefits & makes you healthy.

Simple Ayurvedic Procedures

Nasal application – It is recommended to use medicated oils made from butter oil (Ghee) and vegetable oils such as sesame or coconut in the nostrils.

Oil pulling therapy – Take one Tablespoon of sesame or coconut oil in mouth & move it for 2 to 3 minutes  and spit it off followed by warm water rinse. This should be done once or twice a day.

During dry cough / sore throat

For dry cough or sore throat steam inhalation with fresh pudina (mint – mentha) leaves can be practiced daily.

For Kapha patients, ajwain is a good medicine. Because of its flavor, smell helps to treat cold. Heat some ajwain on Tava & inhale scents for some time. Do this 2-3 times a day.

Lavang (Syzygium aromaticum) powder can be used along with honey. Honey known for its antibacterial, antiviral properties & also provides a soothing effect to the walls of the throat. You can consume this 2 to 3 times a day in case of throat irritation. 

Rasayanas as Immunomodulators

Immunomodulators are the medications used to regulate or normalize the immune system.

Rasayana is the specialty of Ayurveda & it is extremely helpful in maintaining health, aging process & also helps to enhance immune system to fight against infections.

Rasayana Therapy may have direct relevance in preventing diseases and management of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-COV-2) infection.

Many Rasayana botanicals are described in Ayurveda that is used clinically for strengthening immunity. 

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia), Amalaki (Phyllanthus Emblica), Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus), Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) are some of the potential immunomodulators as of now, according to ayurveda.

Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19)

Coronavirus disease (COVID 19) affects different people in different ways like fever, dry cough, tiredness.

The most symptom of Coronavirus Disease is fever. In most of the cases fever is the first symptom & followed by a dry cough.

Symptoms – Fever, dry cough, sputum production, sore throat, nausea, nasal congestion, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, headache, coughing up blood sometimes.

In differential diagnosis, its symptomatology is also different. Generally, common cold starts with a runny nose, sneezing & followed by other symptoms. COVID 19 starts with fever and dry cough and followed by other symptoms.

Safety Protocols

There are some safety protocols in order to decrease contamination.

  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose & eyes with your unwashed hands.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Sanitize your hands daily as much as you can which contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • If you are sick, wear a mask to minimize the spread of the virus.
  • Don’t go outside if you can work from home.

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