Ajwain Leaves Medicinal Uses (2020)

Trachyspermum ammi (L.) also known as ajwain. Ajwain belongs to the Apiaceae family. This article tells you about the Ajwain Leaves Medicinal Uses to help you to keep your body healthy.

The health & medicinal uses of ajwain herb that contains tones of medicinal benefits & can be used clinically.

People are not aware of its pharmacological properties. There are many benefits of this single herb, if you know how to consume it.

Dosage, timing & different method of consumption are the most important factor to get the particular benefit from this herb. you should also know what foods to avoid during this time period for getting good results.

The Trachyspermum ammi is originated in the middle east & now primarily growm in India, Iran & Afganisthan.

In India, Rajasthan produces almost 90% of ajwain & remaining from the other states.

Ajwain Leaves Medicinal Uses
Health Benefits Of Ajwain Leaves

7 Top Ajwain Leaves Medicinal Uses

Analgesic EffectsIt is very useful in relieving the pain of the stomach & intestine even in children
Antibacterial EffectsThymol or carvacrol in the Ajwain have good antibacterial effect
Digestive StimulantAjwain increase the secretion of digestive enzymes, bile juice, pancreatic juice & makes the food in digestible form
Antihelminthic ActivityAjwain is also used as a medicine to kill worms in the stomach
PilesConsuming ajwain with buttermilk daily can cure non-bleeding piles
Abdominal PainAjwain can be used to treat stomach infections, stomach pain, gas problems, constipation, other stomach related problems, arthritis
ColdBecause of its flavor & smell, it can be used to treat kapha patients
Ajwain Leaves Medicinal Uses

Ajwain Leaves Medicinal Uses

1. Analgesic effects

Ajwain contains thymol, one of the chemical constituent of thyme. Its chewing effect filled your mouth with hot and bitter flavor.
For pain relief, take 1 spoon of ajwain and chew it as much as you can with hot water for stomach pain & also gives you antihelminthic effect (Kill worms).

It is very useful in reliefing pain of the stomach & intestine even in childrens.

If you are using Ajwain oil, it can relief your pain of legs & knee.

2. Antibacterial effects

Ajwain contains two main chemical compounds thymol or carvacrol, both are the natural monoterpenoid phenol derivative of cymene.

This chemical compound is extracted from ajwain and other plants and herbs. Phenol is known to have a good antibacterial effect, depends on the concentration.

3. Digestive stimulant

Ajwain has great benefits & helps to cure stomach related disorders. Ajwain helps to increase the secretion of digestive enzyme, bile juice, pancreatic juice & makes the food in digestible form.
For increasing the digestive activity of your body. Take 1 spoon of ajwain with buttermilk. You can consume it daily if you have moderate or high-grade stomach disorders like constipation.
For indigestion you can take half a spoon of ajwain plus half spoon of black salt with warm water.

4. Antihelminthic activity

In Ayurveda ajwain is widely used as a medicine to kill worms in the stomach. Chew the 1 spoon of ajwain properly to get its full benefit & drink milk.
For good result you can take 1 spoon of Triphala churna before sleep. It helps to expel out worms in the morning.
Do this 3-4 times in a week to get noticeable results.

5. Piles

As we know ajwain has been reported to promote digestive activity in our body. Consuming ajwain with buttermilk daily can cure non-bleeding piles.

6. Abdominal pain

Ajwain water helps to make your stomach healthy in every way.
Take 1 tablespoon ajwain powder with 500ml of water, boil it then simmer for only 2 minutes. Drink it sip by sip like tea. This can be used to treat stomach infections, stomach pain, gas problems, constipation, other stomach related problems, arthritis.

7. Cold

For Kapha patient ajwain is a good medicine. Because of its flavor, smell, helps to treat cold. Heat some ajwain on Tava & inhale scents for some time. Do this 2-3 times a day to treat cold effectively.

Ajwain may also cure dry cough, just chew some ajwain at night before sleep.

Avoid use when-

  • Pitta aggravated person
  • When bleeding most of the time

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